Yes, I know it's confusing. My last name is Romain but my URL says Wright. That's the thing about getting married--you change your last name and the world goes bonkers. The link name stays strong, tho.

So a bit about me... I spent the last two years as a Senior Copywriter in Chicago, eating my way through the city, pretending to be a Cubs fan. But now I'm headed back to Boston and I'm looking for a great new gig.

My goal: to create kickass work that tells a story and surprises you, even a little bit. If you're into that sorta thing, you know where to find me*** 


Words are cool, but you can learn even more about me by watching my digital series, The Formula with Carissa Romain, premiering April 17th.

***the 'Contact' page

Also... looking for the password to my protected pages? It's morewine .